Dr. Tarek Lotfy

Dr Tarek lotfi Aly is a consultant in internal medicine and endocrinology. Internal medicine encompasses all aspects of medicine including: Cardiology, Gastro-enterology, Chest medicine, Rheumatology among other things. Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that deals with hormonal problems both in Female and Male, however endocrine diseases are more common in Female.The endocrine system comprises of endocrine glands which secrete chemicals named hormones directly in the blood. These hormones affects every system in the body, including the central nervous system, and therefore it regulates different bodily functions causing a diverse symptoms and signs.

Among the endocrine glands are the thyroid gland located in the neck and secretes 2 hormones T3 and T4, regulating every cells in the body. Then we have the parathyroid gland consisting of 4 lobes and secretes the parathyroid hormone which regulates the blood calcium and phosphorus and this in turn is responsible for the normal remodeling of the bone and neuro-muscular transmission, then we have the adrenal glands which are located above each kidney and divided into the adrenal cortex and medulla. The adrenal cortex secretes several hormones including the cortisone which serves so many metabolic functions, and regulatory role in the immune system, the adrenal medulla secretes 2 hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, again they play important role in preparing the body to cope with stress and regulate the BP.

Then we have the ovaries and the testicles, I shall put special emphasis on the ovaries as they frequently removed without good reasons and can have devastating effects on women both physically and emotionally.The ovaries secretes 2 hormones estrogen and progesterone.The estrogen is the main female sex hormone and express and responsible for the development of all female sexual characteristics, it also plays a very important roles for the mental and emotional well being of women. Lack of estrogen before 45, can be emotionally devastating and leads among other things to insomnia, mood swings,irritability,intractable headache, bouts of anger ect. I am not going to address the testicles because men do not have their testicles removed at young even if at all unless they have testicular cancer.

Subsequently I have to mention the most important endocrine gland of all and that is the pituitary gland which is called the maestro because it secretes several hormones that control the other endocrine glands, further more the pituitary is under the control of central nervous system which in turn puts the endocrine glands under the CNS. That is a very short synopsis of the endocrine system which by no means cover the whole subject, but it just shows the important this system plays in human life. Salam En. Ahmed I shall appreciate if you make for me an english web site. This whole article needs to be the presenting part of the web site without any reduction. I don't need to have many picture and I am going to send you only several links to post on the web. The purpose of this web site is to provide the public understandable medical information and not to be a flashy web site. Thank You for